About me


Since this is my first post, I figure I’ll start with a little background. I am a Haiku enthusiast and apprentice of the art. My purpose for making this blog is to share my love of Haiku with the world, educate people as to what exactly Haiku is, and to explain proper form and so on.

Some content in my posts will, at first, be copied and pasted from Wikipedia (after I have researched the content for authenticity) and then re-edited for better clarity, vast amounts of additional information, and personal thoughts. As I learn new things, I will re-edit posts as necessary, so recheck them often. Not all of my posts will contain copied material, mostly the intro posts. I do this to consolidate information from many different places on the internet onto one reference site for Haiku enthusiasts (so you guys don’t have to go jumping around all over the web for the same research I’m presenting here). I’m not out to get famous or make a buck, I just want to help and share. Writing haiku is my favorite hobby and maintaining this blog is also a good pastime.

I will also be posting my own personal Haiku, as well as famous ones by the greats. Thanks for visiting my blog. Stay tuned for future posts. I hope you all enjoy.


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